About Us

Jerusalem Publishing Atelier is a publishing group dedicated to the art, life and the 3000 years history of Israel and the Holy City. Each one of JPA's directors brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of art publishing, printing, marketing and promotion. Together with living and working in Jerusalem, JPA introduces art and history lovers, to several of Jerusalem's renowned artists, who gained international fame, by depicting the life, faith and art of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, in ways and forms that are unmatched. Jerusalem Publishing Atelier is continuously developing special projects with local and international organizations in an effort to spread our love for the art of the Holy City, and to help raise awareness, funds and donations to special causes.

Jerusalem Fine Art Prints Ltd. is the exclusive provider of all designing, scanning, photographing and printing services.

JFAP is dedicated to serve projects in the field of fine art printing, art digitization, digital preservation, and digital imaging. The workshop, established at 1996 by Yair Medina, a professional photographer by training based on the understanding that the field of digitization is about to change drastically and the urge to be a part of the rewriting of the professional standards that will be the base of working at this new era. Recently the studio was commissioned by the Israel Antiquities Authority, to lead the professional side of the Dead Sea Spectral Imaging Project