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The Chagall-Rubinger project is a unique opportunity to combine the love for art, history and Jerusalem, with a solid financial value. These limited-edition of museum quality prints portraying never-before-released images of Marc Chagall at work and traveling in Jerusalem in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The distinctiveness of the offering – and its clear connection to the land of the bible – is of inherent value in and of itself. The value of the exceptional-quality prints is further magnified by the hand-written signature of David Rubinger, a world-renowned photographer and artists of his own right.

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Jerusalem Fine Art Prints Ltd. is the exclusive provider of all designing, scanning, photographing and printing services.

JFAP is dedicated to serve projects in the field of fine art printing, art digitization, digital preservation, and digital imaging. The workshop, established at 1996 by Yair Medina, a professional photographer by training based on the understanding that the field of digitization is about to change drastically and the urge to be a part of the rewriting of the professional standards that will be the base of working at this new era. Recently the studio was commissioned by the Israel Antiquities Authority, to lead the professional side of the Dead Sea Spectral Imaging Project



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