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Type: Dead Sea Scrolls Prints

4Q Apocryphon of Daniel
Date: 50‚?š??­??1 bce, Herodian Period
Language: Aramaic

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain extensive apocalyptic literature relating to the final messianic battle at the End of Days. The Aramaic Apocryphon of Daniel describes either a messianic figure or a boastful ruler that will arise as ‚?š??­???Son of God‚?š??­?? or ‚?š??­???Son of the Most High‚?š??­??, like the apocalyptic redeemer in the biblical book of Daniel. The text calls to mind the New Testament proclamation of the angel Gabriel concerning the new-born Jesus: ‚?š??­???He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High‚?š??­?? ‚?š??­?? (Luke 1:32) -????(Description by IAA)

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