11Q Psalmsa
Date: 1‚?š??68 ce,
Herodian Period
Language: Hebrew

‚?š???How good and pleasant it is when God‚?š??s people live together in unity‚?š??
‚?š?? PSALMS 133:1

This book of Psalms is one of the best preserved biblical scrolls, containing 48 psalms, including 7 that are not found in the standard Masoretic version of the Bible. An additional prose passage provides one of the most ancient references to King David as the composer of the book of Psalms: ‚?š???and David, the son of Jesse, was wise, and a light like the light of the sun... And he wrote 3,600 psalms.‚?š?? Psalm 133, shown here, praises peace and togetherness.??¨(Description by IAA)

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